Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co‑Stars? (Response)

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the Hunger Games recently was told by feminist and actress, Lena Dunham, that she, Jennifer Lawrence was a victim of the fabled wage gap. She was making less money than her male co-stars, claiming that this was because of the wage gap. She has recently wrote a Lenny Letter explaining her frustrations with the injustice towards her gender in Hollywood.

Let's take a look at the data, let's compare how much Jennifer Lawrence made in 2015, compared to other top actresses and actors.

Top 10 Paid Women Actresses 2015:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence: $52,000,000
  2. Scarlett Johansson: $35,500,000
  3. Melissa McCarthy: $23,000,000
  4. Bingbing Fan: $21,000,000
  5. Jennifer Aniston: $16,500,000
  6. Julia Roberts: $16,000,000
  7. Angelina Jolie: $15,000,000
  8. Reese Witherspoon: $15,000,000
  9. Anne Hathaway: $12,000,000
  10. Kristen Stewart: $12,000,000

Top 10 Paid Male Actors:

  1. Robert Downey Jr.: $80 million
  2. Jackie Chan: $50 million
  3. Vin Diesel: $47 million
  4. Bradley Cooper: $41.5 million
  5. Adam Sandler: $41 million
  6. Tom Cruise: $40 million
  7. Amitabh Bachchan: $33.5 million
  8. Salman Khan: $33.5 million
  9. Akshay Kumar: $32.5 million
  10. Mark Wahlberg: $32 million
So we see that Robert Downey Jr, does indeed make more money than her. But, this hardly is evidence of a wage gap. This is probably one of the most laughable things I've ever heard. This is simply not true. Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress/actor of Hollywood, second to Robert Downey Jr. Comparing herself to Robert Downey Jr. is silly for four reasons.

1. She never co-starred with him in any movies. Therefore, in every other movie she starred in, she made more than anybody else in the cast. Including the men.

2. She claims that she does the same job as Robert Downey Jr., and therefore deserves the same pay. Last I checked, not all actors get paid the same, not all movies make the same amount of revenue therefore not all the actors get paid a lot. Not all actors play the same roll, so therefore their jobs are different.

3. She thinks that she is entitled to be worth as much as Robert Downey Jr. He's been in wildly successful blockbusters, such as Avengers, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and more. He even talked about leaving Avengers before Age of Ultron. That aside, Jennifer Lawrence has also been in a lot of films, such as Hunger Games, X-Men, and more. She's also valuable. By the time she reaches his age, she might even become more valuable.

4. She claims to be oppressed when she's the second highest paid film star of 2015.

Was her outrageously low pay of $52 million a sign of rampant misogyny in Hollywood? More proof that the wage-gap is real? Or does this idea come from the illogical propagandist, Lena Dunham, who tries to make everything fit into the debunked feminist rhetoric? You decide.

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