Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pro-Abortion #sjw gets OWNED, and recent abortion events.


I normally won't feature content such as this, but this guy is oblivious to his own ignorance. It's entertaining. Abortion has always been a controversial topic. Pro-Choice people are advocating that women have the right to a safe and legal abortion, and that unborn children aren't human. Pro-Life advocates advocate that abortion is an act of murder of unborn children. Who is correct? I'll cover more the general topic in a subsequent post. What's clear though, is that it is a matter of life and death, and the debates get heated!

Recently, an undercover organization infiltrated deep into the organization named Planned Parenthood. This group leaked some videos that contained horrific dialogue exchanged with top level Planned Parenthood executives about allegedly selling unborn baby parts. I may cover these videos later. Planned Parenthood is federally funded and receives over $530 million annually.

For many of us who've thought of abortion as a barbaric act that has no place in a civilized  modern society, these videos, whether they be valid or not, only reinforced, and reawakened a simple fact: abortion is wrong. Many politicians are taking bold stances against Planned Parenthood, arguing that our tax dollars shouldn't be funding abortion. Planned Parenthood claims to represent all women, and women's rights. Of course, this is silly, since women are more likely to oppose abortion than men.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was confronted by a Planned Parenthood supporter while campaigning in Iowa.

Pro-Abortion #sjw gets destroyed in comments section of YouTube video

As I was watching this video, I was scrolling through the comments section. One commenter struck me as particularly funny. It was as if he was completely oblivious of how dumb he looked. Everybody tore into his arguments thoroughly, yet he kept asking for punishment. He was so frail, that he had to back every argument with an insult. His insults were repetitive and bland. In a long thread of 100+ comments, he repeated these same insults, over and over and over again: (This is a low count, I have missed many ad hominems and insults)
  • keyboarding out of your ass 9
  • lying piece of shit: 7
  • motherfucker: 42
  • threats of harassment: 2
  • mind your own fucking business: 6
  • arbiter of morality: 3
  • times he didn't understand the Nazi argument: 3
  • cunt: 15
  • addressing a woman about woman's rights and calling her a cunt: 14
  • out your ass: 13
  • the phrase: "care to": 15
  • legal right: 5
  • dishonest: 16
Unfortunately, his logical arguments aren't much better. He never really posed any real points of substance, he only tried to tear others down by calling them "dishonest pieces of shit". Here's some of my favorite:

  1. Instead of creating a flowing, constructive conversation, he only posted when trying to tear down others. 
  2. He didn't defend why Pro-Abortion isn't Pro-Death, or why Pro-Abortion isn't a thing.
  3. He constantly repeating that the video tapes were edited in spite of everybody showing evidence that they weren't.  Instead of refuting the info in the links, he just posted links from liberal propaganda news sites. After not taking the time to read anybody else's links, he got upset that nobody read his links. 
  4. He admits to not even watching the movies he loves debunking.
  5. Even if the tapes were a complete hoax, does that make abortion any less wrong?
  6. He kept alluding that the law constituted what was right and wrong. Yet he admitted to supporting gay marriage. He also used a homophobic slur and called somebody a cocksucker. Full of contradictions.
  7. He constantly accused people of sticking their nose where it didn't belong, and he told them to mind their own business. Which was funny, because he's not a woman, and he'll never need an abortion. Yet he put women in their place by calling them "cunts", and he told them to mind their own business.
  8. He accused people of being on a moral high horse. Which is funny, since he claimed to have the moral high ground and was judging people soley based on their pro-life stance... As if preserving life was a bad thing?
  9. He said that there is "no logic to facts".
  10. He claims that there is no such thing as an unborn child. If thats the case, why are there laws regulating smoking and drinking during pregnancy? What is LIVING inside the mother for 9-months? A clump of non-living cells? He eludes the discussion of human development. He dismisses the whole concept of DNA. 
  11. He says women should be able to decide whether or not to kill their unborn child while pregnant, because being pregnant is hard, and because nobody should have to do something they don't want to do. Well, it's not like they were forced to get pregnant? (Excluding rape) They had a choice then? What if parents started saying, raising children is hard, and I'm tired of doing it. I shouldn't be forced to provide for them for the full 18-years they're under my care. I'll just end their lives to make mine more convenient. #duh
  12. He says "infants don't live in their mothers' wombs. Hey, cunt, a fetus is no more a human than an acorn is an oak". 
    1. One, fauna and flora are different. You're comparing apples to monkeys. 
    2. Two, why do we have regulation in place to protect fertilized eagle eggs if they're not living? He made no attempt to back up his claim. If an unborn child isn't human, what species is it? How do you defend an opinion like that, and call yourself a rational human being? 
  13. Nazis used propaganda to "dehumanize" their victims, to justify their atrocities. Pro-abortion people also use propaganda "dehumanize" their victims as well, to justify their atrocities. I think this guy made it abundantly clear that he doesn't think unborn children are human. He even went as far as to claim that people would get emotional if they thought unborn babies were being slaughtered. Yep. He empathized with the pro-life movement without even admitting it. But, that would ruin the agenda, and the pro-abortion rhetoric. If this were a math proof, I'd elaborate this point here, and write QED.
  14. He's a #sjw gay marriage supporter who says that people can't enforce their version morality without a law. Hmm... I can already think of 100's of simple contradictions. Such as feminists enforcing their morality on society by censoring the internet, and banning certain public figures from certain countries. Or how about when morality is enforced by the law, such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana? 
  15. He loves ad hominems, and thinks that they make him tough.
  16. He claims that if abortion is outlawed, women will go into back alleys and pay some shady practitioner to kill her baby using a coat hanger. I've heard this claim before, but I'm not even sure if this is even true? I've never seen any evidence to believe this. Abortions are expensive, they can cost up to a month's worth of wages. Abortions aren't legal in the 50 states. I'm interested to see if poor women, and if women who live in states without abortion, use coat hangers in back alley ways? Stats? Anybody?
  17. He doesn't refute the statement "Profanity is the last refuge of the truly ignorant."
  18. On his high horse, he threatens people.


While it's all fun and games to laugh at some random person's comments on the internet, remember that some people are immune to facts and reason. Their pride, and wanting to be right is more important than the truth. If your goal is to try to have a reasonable conversation, don't waste your time. If every point you make is refuted as Robert did, " You filthy, lying, motherfucking piece of shit!!!!", you should laugh and move on.


  1. Hey, dishonest motherfucker, care to point out where I admitted to not having watched the videos?

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, the posts reveal that I have a provided a number of links from mainstream, peer-reviewed sources debunking the CMP videos. So you’ve lied again.

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, you just can’t get it through your head that babies are not aborted, that there is no such thing as an unborn child, but what can be expected of a piece of shit so ignorant of the fact that women suck cock too.

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, a woman decides for herself whether to bring her pregnancy full term. The government does not decide for her. But that’s right, when you have no argument, equate a LEGAL right you don’t approve of with the Nazis and just as you equate it with calling a woman a cunt.

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, there is no such thing as an unborn child, eagles' eggs and species notwithstanding, and a fetus is only a POTENTIAL human just as an acorn is only a POTENTIAL oak, flora and fauna notwithstanding as well. Biology 101, dishonest motherfucker.

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, just who are these feminists capable of censoring the entire internet and banning “certain public figures from certain countries” or are you keyboarding from out of your ass as usual? One way or the other, dishonest motherfucker, try to enforce your morality without laws behind it, such as attempting to prevent a woman from exercising her LEGAL right to an abortion, and see how far you get.
    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, why don't you read up on the abortion situation pre-Roe v. Wade before putting in your two cents about something of which you are pathetically ignorant?

    Hey, dishonest motherfucker, just who appointed you arbiter of right and wrong?

    In short, dishonest motherfucker, you haven't debunked anything I have posted, but have only made yourself look even more ignorant, idiotic and dishonest if that’s possible. Posting on your own private site with your own private audience rather than on the YouTube thread goes far in demonstrating who’s the real coward. Now, keep your nose out of other people’s business lest someone fix it for you.

    1. So out of the 18 problems with your arguments, you re-use the same arguments with little to no variation? Even though I've showed that your arguments are flawed?

      1. When somebody accused you of never watching the videos, you never refuted their claim. "Robert, the fact that you're acting like this videos that have been widely available on the web for so many weeks tells us that either you have chosen not to watch the videos because you don't want to see the proof of what Planned Parenthood is doing because you really don't care if a living breathing infant who feels pain is dissected alive, or you're too dumb to understand what's going on. Since you're obviously not illiterate as you're commenting on this video I'm going to have to go with the first. You have no problem with living, breathing infants, outside of the mothers womb, being dissected alive to remove their organs. When that's your stance there's no point in attempting to educate you. You are, in fact, already educated and making an informed decision when you comment in support of Planned Parenthood."

      2. When you tell a man to suck cock, you aren't referring to women sucking cock.

      3. "you just can’t get it through your head that babies are not aborted" See above, I've addressed that point already, and you haven't put forth any evidence besides your own opinion based on nothing.

      4. If you can't see the irony of calling women cunts when telling them about THEIR rights, then I can't help you. It's just hypocritical.

      5. You still didn't address that Nazis dehumanized people as you are dehumanizing unborn children. You pretty much back up that claim with everything you've said. I understand why you try to dismiss it, and you dodge it.

      6. I debunked your acorn and oak argument already. I love how you use the same argument, to try to try to back up a defeated argument. Animals aren't born from seeds. I think you need to retake Biology 101. You didn't address the eagle eggs really. And you don't define what you mean by POTENTIAL human being. You don't back up that claim with anything.

      7. "Keyboarding out your ass" is kinda funny the first time, but its really stupid afterward. Feminists are morons, and I'm surprised that you're surprised that they try to censor the internet, and ban people from countries. Here's a couple:

      8. "Hey, dishonest motherfucker, why don't you read up on the abortion situation pre-Roe v. Wade before putting in your two cents about something of which you are pathetically ignorant? "

      Burden of proof is on you buddy. Show me. Also answer the other questions about states without abortion, and poor women.

      9. You never addressed who appointed YOU arbiter of right and wrong? Who gave you a condescending high horse?

      10. I'm more than happy to have everybody on the YouTube thread read this and join in. Blogger is a Google product, as is YouTube.

      You didn't address the following:
      -How you treat the law as the standard of morality, but how you failed to address Indiana's Religious Restoration Act, and how you can believe that and have supported gay marriage.
      -Why pro-choice isn't pro-abortion
      -Why the videos even matter to the general topic of abortion
      -How you can tell women to mind their own business, but somehow abortion is your business?
      -"logic has no facts"?
      -You never denied that you're ego is so frail, that you need ad insults to feel tougher?
      -What species of DNA does an unborn child have?
      -You never justified or rationalized why women should have abortions, even if pregnancy is tough?
      -You never refuted the fact that "profanity is the attempt of the weak and feeble minded to be ignorant"?

  2. Hey, dishonest motherfucker. I will answer only on the YouTube thread. Act accordingly.