Thursday, October 15, 2015

Manhood Academy aka Chipmunk Academy

I've stumbled across a lot of stupidity on the internet. I've laughed at a lot of people oblivious to their own ignorance. I've shaken my head at scammers such as Dr. Oz's miracle pills or Anita's critique of sexist video games. But... this one might just take the cake. Manhood Academy. They have a guy named "The Professor" (yeah just like the villain in Iron Man, who was also a fraud) and he charges $20 monthly to teach his "students" about how to be men, and he also has debates.

"The blind can't lead the blind" (Luke 6:39)
I can't stand this "Professor. I've listened to 10 minutes of one of his debates, and I knew that he was a scam and I knew that his whole philosophy and program should be dismissed. He distorts the voices to make them sound like chipmunks. He spent the first 5 minutes crying about people who criticize him. He calls everyone a "fucking faggot". How can I take an insecure angry chipmunk, screaming "faggot", seriously? You can't. He wants people to debate him on his own turf, on his own grounds, with 13 of his students helping him in the debate. He deletes comments, disables comments, and deletes videos. Talk about cowardly.

"...trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and struts around the board claiming victory."

This is how to best describe "The Professor" and the "Academy. It is a complete waste of time to debunk this guy in detail. He has no real following. His product is unappealing. Most men know how to be men already. He has no real substance, so he substitutes this deficit with crass profanity. Kinda like a certain GOP presidential candidate. He advertises his website by being as offensive as possible, hoping to draw people to his website. MA justifies their classless, meaningless rhetoric calling it "free speech". His "free speech" isn't free. It isn't free of stupidity. I'll do you a favor and not even post a link to this garbage. Here's a screenshot of his website:


Here's a great response about it:


Chipmunk Academy.

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